Star Wars in the Business World

A Most Excellent Post by Jeff Hyman of Recruit Rockstars

My friend and colleague Jeff Hyman, founder of Recruit Rockstars, sent this out in an email blast today and I thought it was so good that it deserved wider distribution!

***His email starts here***

Star Wars nerds unite.

Today is May 4th… International Star Wars Day.

(One of us nerds came up with the pun “May the 4th be with you” and the rest is history.)

So, I figured I’d use this as a chance to review some of the job candidates you’re likely to interview in the next few weeks — and how to figure out their magical superpowers.

Evil Emporer Palpatine — the easiest candidate. He’s evil thru & thru. And you know it the moment you meet. You can’t check his references, because he’s slayed them all. Run in the opposite direction, no matter how he tries to lure you in.

Darth Vader — far harder. Because despite his evil, there’s still good inside. The question is: do you have the desire & time to save him and turn him away from the dark side? Big companies can sometimes do this, but a 5-person startup -where every hour counts- may find him to be destructive.

Luke Skywalker — humble, hungry, and smart. My universal DNA. If you can find him, hire him. But when it’s time for him to depart for a bigger mission, don’t hold him back. He may even return one day.

Princess Leia — she’s incredibly capable. And she’s on a mission (to save the galaxy.) But be sure it’s the same as your company’s mission. Otherwise you’ll spend your days trying to reel her in. You can’t force fit, no matter how talented the candidate might be.

R2-D2 — the brilliant engineer. You can’t make magic happen without him. It can be frustrating to communicate with this introverted mysterious personality. But soooo worth it.

Yoda — he’s the teacher. Imagine having one (or more) in your crew. Someone to help you teach the others. He might even teach you a thing or two. True wisdom is hard to find in people. Find it in a candidate, and you should do everything in your power to invite him aboard.

Han Solo — with his cocky swagger, he instills confidence that he can get the job done. No matter what’s thrown at him, he finds a way. His motto is “never tell me the odds” which can be invaluable in an early-stage company or messy situation.

C-3PO — speaks every language under the sun. His intelligence is off the charts. Unfortunately, his emotional intelligence leaves something to be desired. Gets the job done, but pisses off everyone in his path. Or at least makes them feel like a dolt. You may want to dodge this asteroid.

Chewbacca — he makes a lot of noise. But thru his bluster & intimidating appearance, he’s someone you can count on. No matter what. An invaluable person to have in your crew.

Obi-Wan Kenobi — he is the historian because he’s been with your company for eons. He knows what’s been tried, what worked, and what didn’t. He knows the full cast of characters, and can bend them to his will (“These aren’t the droids you’re looking for”)

Rey — of course, leave it to a woman to save the Galaxy :-) She was an unlikely hero from the start & a great reminder to assume nothing as you go on your journey to find Rockstar candidates.

I don’t typecast.

As you speed thru the galaxy, you’ll meet all sorts of characters. These are just a few examples.

So, assess each one carefully. Thoroughly. And never settle.

May the Force be with you. Always.



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